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How This Whole Thing First Started....

It was about a year ago, on my thirty-fifth birthday, when I looked in the mirror and thought, “Wow I look old.”  It was the first time that sentiment had ever popped into my head.  If you know me at all, you’ll know that I take a lot of pride in my appearance (there is zero shame in that!) and I’ve always been a self-proclaimed “glam guru”, lover of all things makeup and beauty related.  Anyway, as I gazed back at myself that day, I was surprised that I didn’t feel sad, or scared, or disappointed.  It was more of a feeling like, “OK, the time has finally arrived, what now?”  I knew this day would come.  I mean, its part of life, right?  I felt invigorated and determined to figure this out so I could continue on with my glam self.  My problem areas were specifically this:  fine lines around my eyes, really large pores, and lost volume and definition in and around my lips. 

I immediately determined that my next step was not directly towards the closest dermatologist’s office.  More invasive cosmetic procedures are not something I’m necessarily opposed to (I have plenty of girlfriends who regularly use botox and fillers, and they look absolutely spectacular!), but I didn’t feel like I was at that point yet.  Plus, the financial commitment is just that…a BIG commitment, that I didn’t know if wanted to impose on my family.

One thing was crystal clear to me.  My makeup routine needed to evolve as my face was changing with age. 

Which brought me on my quest for a new regimen of solution-based cosmetics to add to my daily routine.  The problem was, I quickly discovered, there were no brands speaking directly to me.  Ok, seriously, there are just SO many makeup brands out there now.  Some super interesting brands have emerged recently, that are totally captivating and that a huge population of women completely covet.  But I was quickly disappointed because I felt that none of them were focusing on me, my age group, and my specific concerns.  That realization really sucked!  Just because women of my generation are growing older, doesn't mean we don't love makeup anymore.  We still have the desire to get dressed up and look our best.     

And here's the really ironic thing.  I have worked for years as an executive in the beauty and fashion industries, and know very well that cosmetic companies are hyper-focused on the younger customer.  Pretty much all marketing efforts, branding, and product development are with that specific customer in mind.  It was a huge wake-up call for me when I went through this experience first-hand as a maturing beauty consumer.  And so I thought long and hard....and realized that because of my background, I really had it in my power to do something about this!   

And so GLAM 35 was born.  I founded this company to serve as a community, a movement, and a source for differentiated product offerings for the maturing makeup lover.  At GLAM 35, we have taken it upon ourselves to be the first brand of its kind to develop color cosmetics made specifically and exclusively for women over 35.  We address specific aging concerns, and to provide solutions that help ensure that all women will feel confident, beautiful, and empowered, no matter what their age.  I am so proud to also announce that we have partnered with the most highly respected, cutting-edge, USA based cosmetics lab to help make GLAM 35's ideas a reality.  

I welcome you to join our movement!  Please look for us on Instagram and Facebook, where we'll have interesting content posted specifically for you.  As the company's founder and CEO, I've committed to writing a weekly blog to update you all on our journey and provide content that I hope you'll find relevant and useful.  Please check in every Wednesday!


Cheers till next time,

Marcella Mirandi, XO






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