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It’s Time for the Lash Convo

Disclaimer:  I’m super picky and judgmental when it comes to false lashes.  This is probably the most judgey beauty topic I’ll ever cover.  If you love crazy drama lashes, I still absolutely love you!  I just cannot rock them.  Back in the day, yes, TOTALLY, I rocked them hard.  But now, I strive for a more toned down lash.     

Ok, to be clear, I am a super fan of false lashes.  I find them to be among the most transformative part of a look.  They are definitely a necessary part of my glam looks.  And I’m talking old school strip lashes here.  I’ve tried lash extensions, tinting, and lifts, and they are just not for me.  I find them to be wayyy too damaging long term.  Once you master the application process, I find strip lashes to be by far the most simple/affordable/fastest option.  *Hmmm, just had the idea to put together a quick tutorial on how I seamlessly apply my lashes, any interest? 

I always tell my daughter they are my “cherry on top" when she’s watching me get ready.  But I am really picky when it comes to the shape and length of the lashes.  Too fake, no bueno, IMO.  I absolutely love it when the lashes are not super obvious and make somebody question if maybe, just maybe this chick just has really, really good lashes.  Plus, let’s be honest, I’m not going to the club.  I’m going out for a drink with my girlfriends (two drinks max, because as I’ve discovered, nursing a hangover while home with three kids under seven is the equivalent of true hell on earth), and I’m usually home and snuggling under my covers by 10pm.  Yes, I’m an old hen. 

I’ve come to find that most of the styles out there look super obnoxious on my face (although to be fair, I have a really small head).  Check out this picture from a school fundraiser my husband and I went to earlier this year.  I picked up these lashes the day of, at Sephora.  As soon as I put them on, I knew it was too much, but they were the only pair I had at the house at the time, and no lashes would be worse than crazy lashes, so I knowingly allowed myself to look totally overkill all night long.  Recently, these have been my go-to favs:  Huda Monique ($20 at Sephora) and KISS Little Black Dress ($5.99 at Ulta).  Try them out and let me know what you think!

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