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I'm Having An Entrepreneurial Moment Here

I always knew I wanted to be my own boss and have my own business one day.  After I had my children, it was time.  I just couldn't live on someone else's clock anymore.  For all of you working mama's out there, I bow down to is the most challenging thing we face as women, trying to balance it all, striving to give everyone our all.

For two years, while this dream was cooking in my brain, I continued to hold it all down, still working for someone else and taking care of my young family.  I felt it in my soul, change was coming.  I could do this.

I love this quote by Vera Wang.  I heard it many years ago, and took it to heart.  Every opportunity I've had in my career, has been a wonderful experience for growth.

"Don't be afraid to take time to learn.  It's good to work for other people.  I worked for others for 20 years.  They paid me to learn." 

I have been so fortunate to create a career in a field that I have such personal passion for.  As having worked as an executive in the beauty and fashion industries for many many years, I have gained some incredible knowledge of product development, retailing, and business management.  In addition, I've had the opportunity to connect with so many female role models.  They are the ones that truly gave me courage, and the realization that I am worthy of this path.   

Once the idea for GLAM 35 took root, I knew that this was more than just a business plan.  This was an endeavor with which I could actually make a difference in specific women's lives, and empower them to feel beautiful and self confident throughout the aging process.  And that has made my soul so happy, and has kept me energized even during difficult phases of this process.    

I just poured my heart out a little bit to you all.  Thank you for supporting me and the brand throughout this journey.  We can't wait to show you more of what we have in store!


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