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My Favorite Accessory: The Bold Lip

Ok, so my favorite accessory is absolutely without question a bold lip.  My weekday morning routine, when I'm home with my kids, is this:  I literally roll out of bed, throw on wrinkled yoga clothes, and tend not to run a brush through my hair (I will manage to brush my teeth).  As I'm heading out the door, I'll shove a pair of large black sunglasses on my face and a quick swipe of dark lipstick and feel pretty darn confident that I'm at an acceptable level of chic.  The bold lip will do that for you.  For those of us mamas running a household full of young kids, the struggle to find even a few moments to ready yourself in the morning is real.  And so, I will say it again...the bold lip will ultimately become a life saver for you.  As you pull up to the school/grocery store/sports practice, you will feel 100% confident with the fact that while you are disheveled from literally head to toe, as long as your face is partially covered by black (must be black) sunglasses, and your lipstick is fresh and bright, you are golden.

So the bold lip is for sure a great accessory because of this fact alone.  But it has sooo many other incredible benefits as well.  I have come to reach for more daring lip colors on nights out as well, when I do have the time to do my makeup, because of the simple fact that it makes me feel more confident and empowered.  I'm a mature, vibrant woman, and heck, I want my lips to match!  I feel like I can own a board room or a dining room whenever I'm wearing my signature red.  When I was in my twenties, I never, ever had the confidence to wear a bold lip.  I was always playing it safe with neutrals.  Heavy on the eye makeup.  But for those of us past mid-thirties, it's high time to reverse that routine.  As our face evolves with age, our eye sockets tend to start settling deeper, and that's where dark, smokey eye makeup actually becomes counter productive.  All those fine lines forming around our eyes need less emphasis, and that's where the bold lip comes in to save the day.  And finally, I am always so pleased to see photos of myself wearing a nice bright lip.  It always gives me a beautiful, healthy glow, and makes my teeth look super white. 

I highly recommend you give a bold lip a try.  If you're not sure where to start, I suggest experimenting with more affordable drug store shades, where you can play with different hues, until you find the best ones that suit your skin tone.  And don't forget to break out the tangerines in summer, and deep berries come winter!  



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