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My Go-To Daily Skincare Routine

Hey guys!  I get a lot of questions about my daily skincare routine, and I have to say, I am so glad you asked.  This is not a topic I often cover, as a lot of GLAM 35's content is focused on color cosmetics.  However, I definitely do have a POV on skincare as well, so here goes. 

I am quick to lament on the fact that many makeup brands out there are hyper focused on the younger customer, but this is so obviously not the case with most skincare based companies.  There are sooo many amazing options out there when it comes to products for the skin.  

First, when it comes to cleansing, I have been an absolute stalwart fan of the Clarisonic cleansing brush for many years.  I feel like it does an incredible job of removing all the junk on my skin, leaving my pores polished and squeaky clean.  I'm super OCD about thoroughly cleansing my skin before bedtime, and recently read that leaving any makeup on your face overnight actually accelerates the aging process.  Yikes!  So please wash up, ladies!  Also, it's super important to replace your brush heads frequently, and this is something I don't skimp out on.  Amazon always has them in stock.

Next, fun fact.....I still, after all these years, turn to Neutrogena's Grapefruit Oil-Free Acne wash.  I was hoping that by now, my wrinkles would have replaced my pimples, but (oh boy, lucky me!) that is not the case....I still experience break-outs, and therefore this face wash continues to be a huge help in keeping them at bay.

My moisturizing routine includes the Boots No7 Lift & Luminate line, which is another drugstore score (you all know how much I love drugstore shopping!), and which I've gushed about in previous posts.  I discovered this when traveling to London, and was so pleased when it began popping up in the mass US market a few years ago.  I find that it holds up to specialty brands, without the price tag to match!  













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