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Product Development Progress Report

OMG Guys!  Officially placed our first PO (purchase order) with our lab today!  Dancing on tables over here!!  We are launching in 8-10 weeks (timeline being hashed out now) with not one but TWO absolutely incredible, game-changing products!!!  

I literally am beside myself right now, I cannot tell you how absolutely ecstatic I am that this day has finally arrived.  We have worked so hard over the past several months to make these absolutely perfect.  I am so thankful to my team, who has done such an incredible job of helping to bring my vision to life.    

Ok, now to spill a few hints.  The first product is for the LIPS.  The second product is for the FACE.  These are KEY items that you will absolutely LOOOVE to use as first steps in your daily routine.  They are time-savers + confidence-boosters.  No detail has been left out...the ingredients here are just so incredible....I will definitely have to post a separate blog just to get into the details a bit more about what they come packed with. 

My heart is literally racing as I type these words to you.  Let me tell you ladies, it is such a privilege for me to bring these products to you.  Can I speak candidly for a moment?  When I decided to take this leap of faith and start my own product line, I promised myself that I would not do it unless I was all in, like 1000% in.  I have poured my heart and soul into making these just right for you! 

I have been testing different iterations of these formulas for many months on my own skin, and let me just say....I truly back these final results up with everything in my gut.  I know that if I don't love them, you most definitely will not.  After all, I consider all of you guys my soul sisters.  We are in this aging thing together.  

Please check back as I hope to give you many more updates and teasers as we get closer!  You will love, I promise!      


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