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The Purple Lip Challenge: Round 1

I've been wanting to experiment with some new lip colors, and since summer is upon us, and I kind of have a slight tan, I thought it would be fun to try out some violet shades.  I talk about this a lot, I'm a huge fan of many drug store cosmetic brands, I love to try newness and experiment without having to worry so much about the financial impact.  So for this challenge, I picked up Maybelline's Super Stay Matte Ink in Creator.  It's easily one of the most electric purple shades in the aisle.  This was a first for using the formula as well, which is a liquid lipstick.

First for the color.  I lined my lips with my very own GLAM 35 Ultimate Lip Liner in Winery, which is a deep berry/wine color.  It's several shades darker than the lipstick, but since I have some deep rooted insecurities about my thin upper lip, I love to overline and add some emphasis with this method.  When I applied the lipstick, I was definitely impressed with the color was very, very highly pigmented.  And although I do categorize this shade as almost neon, I was super impressed with how chic it actually looked on me.  I mean, who knew?

A couple words on the formula....I tend to stay away from matte lip products.  Although they are so on-trend, they really do not work with the aging elements going on with my skin.  So this product definitely accentuated my fine lines and sunk deep into the crevices within my lips.  That being said, I've  experienced other matte formulas that are much worse when it comes to this.  Also, Maybelline wasn't kidding about the "Super Stay" factor.  This formula literally felt like it was PAINTED on.  Like permanently.  It easily would have lasted several hours.  It was actually pretty difficult to take off!  The trade-off is, this formula felt absolutely horrible on my lips, it had an incredibly drying effect.  So, if only Maybelline would pull this color over to one of it's satin finish formulas, I personally would have a winner on my hands.  



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