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Mentor Revelations

Yesterday I was catching up with my mentor.  She's exactly ten years older than me, and she's incredibly impressive....the epitome of that powerful, mega confident, kick-ass career woman.  She's dedicated her life to her her work, she has had a lot of success, and really everybody in the industry knows her name.  I will always strive to live up to her achievements. 

As we sat over a quick coffee, she had a vulnerable moment with me.  She said to me, that as she grows older, she feels less relevant in this world.  From a consumeristic standpoint, that is.  She basically said, "I've got money to spend, and I'm being left out!  No one is speaking to me!" 

We were talking about social media, specifically news feeds, and how every brand out there is so deliberate in their targeting towards the younger customer.  It's so true...I could relate.  For example, I love watching quick makeup tutorials on instagram, and the girl being transformed is always, always in her early twenties.  Where's the forty or fifty year old tutorial?  I mean, I know they do exist, but they are certainly not the most relevant and viewed posts showing up over and over at the top of my feed.  I get it, I get it, the majority of Instagram users are of course that targeted demographic, but us older ladies have totally jumped on the Insta bandwagon as of late.

It was very strange seeing her grapple over this concept...super uncharacteristic of her.  It was like her feelings were actually hurt that she was feeling left out.  It made me sad for her, and then I thought of all the women in her age group who must be experiencing this as well.  And so I challenge myself, and all brands out there, as we navigate this modern world, as we strive at long last, to finally achieve equal rights and inclusion for all, not to leave out those when age becomes a factor.        



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